Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Got This Killa Up Inside Of Me

This is the song I was bumping the other day driving through campus on my way home from work when I happened to pass Cliff Alexander (incoming freshman and top 5- nationally ranked recruit in the nation) walking down the sidewalk.

I'm not usually one to be blasting my music so loud that everyone can hear it, especially when it's rap.  I'm much more likely to be following the Michael Bolton in Office Space strategy.  But on this particular day, we had just finished off our fiscal year end and I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I was rolling with my windows down and my system up, as Eminem might say.

This is when I happened upon Mr. Alexander.  He glanced over when he heard M.O.P., and got a good chuckle when he saw a white boy driving.  As I mentioned, I was feeling frisky, so rather than hastily rolling up my window and mashing the volume down, I embraced his laughter, hung my head out the window, and yelled, "How about some hardcore, Cliff?  Rock Chaaaaalk!"

Have I mentioned lately that I love working at KU?