Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rock Chalk Talkin'

Here is my first article on Rock Chalk Talk.  Read it, enjoy it, pass it along to everyone.

Oh, and here's a bonus for you guys that I didn't think of earlier, but it was the first reaction after the announcement for a bunch of my least now you guys have the option to argue with each other in the comments section again!  I think we all miss those days a little bit.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Well, gang, I have news.

Last week I got picked up by to write about my beloved Kansas Jayhawks.  While it ain't gonna pay much, it's certainly going to pay more than The Slice does.  (There were a couple instances when somebody bought me a beer as a thank you for keeping them entertained at we'll generously call it $15 over eight years.)

As I've been thinking for a couple of years now (and as some of my closest and dearest friends love to remind me every chance they get) both the quantity and quality of The Slice has been in a steady decline.  I've been bored with listening to myself for a long time now; I've only kept going since you guys seemed to enjoy it.  So thank you for that, but I'm excited for the opportunity to do something different.

Part of the reason I loved doing The Slice so much was that I enjoyed it.....but ultimately, didn't really give much of a crap about it.  I never really talked about the blog much IRL.  Word of mouf was the only way it was gonna spread, cause I wasn't going to be pimping it on Facebook, or mass emailing my friends and telling them to read it or anything.  (One of my favorite moments ever was when Deuce linked one of my own blog posts to my Facebook page because he thought it was awesome.  Thanks for the pub, Deuce!)  If you found the blog and enjoyed it, cool dude, have fun.  I was never going to ram it down anybody's throat.  Unfortunately, I may have to do some minor throat-ramming now.  During the equivalent of two presidential terms, I haven't asked much of you guys, but now I need a favor.  When I start regularly posting to rockchalktalk, I'll be putting up links to my articles here, and I need you guys to pass them around.  Maybe you don't follow college basketball.  Maybe you do, but you actively hate KU.  Maybe one day in high school, you were hanging out with your best friend, having a backboard-slapping contest on top of a roof, but he went too hard, broke right through it, fell off the roof and died, and now you hate the sport of basketball.  Whatever the case may be, I still want you guys forwarding it on to everyone you know.  GIMME DEM CLICKS, SON!

I'm not pulling a P. Diddy and shutting down the studio.  I can't promise that I won't get the urge to blog about Selena Gomez or Hot Pockets or 90's hip-hop again.  And where else can I use obscure Star Wars references, or talk about how awesome and hilarious me and my friends are?  So the blog won't be completely abandoned just yet.

However, I do know that I'll be out of town a lot this month (Easy E and Schne are getting married two weeks apart, get ready to hit that wedding dance floor!  It ain't the Butterfly, it's the Tootsee Roll!) and what time I do have for writing in the foreseeable future will be spent on the new gig.  So.  I guess my point is that for those of you that constantly refresh The Slice looking for a new post (luv u 4ever for that) you can save yourself the effort for a bit.  My friend Amber, of co-hosting the news with Ron Burgundy fame, has told me that her strategy the last couple years has been to just check once a month, and kill 20 minutes at once reading all the posts she missed.  That might be the best play for everyone for a while.

In summary, I don't want to make this sound like The Slice is coming to an end.  However, there is a chance this is it, and I wanted to at least tip my hat to all the loyal readers out there for enjoying my ramblings.  You guys are awesome.

So I'm not going to say goodbye quite yet.  Let's just call this "see you later."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Apparently Philly Steak & Cheese Hot Pockets are being recalled, due to a previously announced recall from a California meat company, deeming the gloriously flavored steak "not fit for human food."

I currently have a box of these little gems in my freezer right now.  If you don't think I'm going to ignore this recall, and eat the 'Pocks for lunch sometime this week.....then you, my friend, have not been paying attention to this blog very well.  "Not fit for human food."  C'mon, I already knew that.  They're fucking Hot Pockets.  Don't make me feel worse about this lifestyle choice than I already do.