Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sobchak, Sesame Street, Sports

>> There is no shortage of reasons why I love Walter Sobchak. There hasn't been (and couldn't possibly be) a greater movie character representation of my dad, right down to his stance on firearms, Pacifists, and personal appearance in 1992. At our city league basketball game the other night, an instance occurred, wherein the ref thought that some natural in-game banter between myself and another player was escalating, when it really wasn't. When he started getting pissed off, while the rival player and I weren't even mad, I saw a perfect opportunity to drop a Walter Sobchak on him, inspired by this scene (only the first 30 seconds of it, then I don't know what this youtuber started doing.)

"You need to CALM down!"
"I'm perfectly calm, dude."
"Are you CALM?"
"Calmer than you are, dude."

And then I was hit with a warning, with a promise of a technical to come. Apparently he didn't get the reference. I thought the Dude was supposed to abide.

>> Latest song that has crawled into my brain and lives there is a little different than usual. Although Will. I. Am is the artist....this song came from Sesame Street. I wish I could blame this on sitting in a car with Finn for 18 hours last month, but Lane and Skye told me to download this song before then, so I already loved it BEFORE Finn and I shared headphones and listened to it a million times consecutively during the road trip. Puppets continue to be my weakness. Look at Cookie Monster nodding his head like fucking Busta Rhymes in this video.

>> Not a great time for me as a sports fan. The Red Sox, as loaded as they've ever been on paper, have one of the worst records in baseball. KU blew another tournament game to a mid-major, then the Morris twins (who were quickly becoming two of my all-time favorites) went pro. Even the Sioux hockey team lost in the Frozen Four (in truth, I barely care about that, as I haven't actively followed UND hockey since 8th grade- but I did watch the entire game last week, and it sounds more impressive to have a list of three negative things here.) Now is the time of year where, after just reading and following the league through the internet and rarely watching games, I jump all the way on the NBA bandwagon- the Oklahoma City Thunder to be exact. They became my team a couple years ago when they drafted my boy James Harden, and they never disappoint. So fun to watch, and a decent steal at 18-1 to win the title this year. This is my excited face.