Friday, June 6, 2014

What Comes Before Part-B? PART-A!

We've got Easy E's bachelor party this weekend in Minneapolis, so I'm about to hop on the interstate for one of my many trips up I-35 this summer.  I'm looking forward to golfing, gambling on horses at Canterbury, gambling on pocket aces and hard 14's at Mystic Lake, potentially falling into the proverbial raspberry patch, and Easy blacking out and insisting on watching war movies at the end of the night, immediately followed by him falling asleep sitting upright, with a beer in his hand.  (Cue up this classic song.  "Yo man, you see Eazy hurling in the parking lot?")

Last time I spent time in Minneapolis, this happened.  This weekend, not only do we have that exact same crew (me, Morley, Easy E, Fundy, and T.Nels) but we're adding another 10 dudes on top of that-- no homo.

So this should go well.  Probably won't drink too much or anything.