Friday, May 23, 2014

Question Of The Day (Hey, Remember Those?)

Yesterday on The Boards, Noles forwarded a link wherein the good ol' Metrodome is selling their old urinal troughs to the public now.  He then told us about the time years ago that he offered his brother 20 bucks to pee at a urinal at the 'Dome with his pants around his ankles (and how his brother refused, booooo.)  Since we were now officially on the subject of public urinals, I brought this video into the discussion.  An oldie but a goodie from the early days of youtube.

So then we talked about how much it would take for each of us to pull that move, if we were guaranteed a shower and a fresh set of clothes immediately afterwards.  As I am sometimes wont to do, I came in way too low at $500.  I knew I was in trouble when Horp, who is usually more ridiculous than I am when it comes to these matters, required $2,000 and a sky-high BAC to do it.  Jonye needed $10K, that's way too high, whatever, he's a dad now.  When Noles' immediate response to me was "I can easily round up $500 and have you doing that somewhere", I officially got concerned that I might have to back this up someday.  I have to remember that I'm not 19 anymore, and $500 really isn't that much money.

So, the Question of the Day, which yes, I know, are much less fun when we don't have comments anymore, but at least it might make you think a little bit, learn about your own personal boundaries-- how much money would it take you to dive through a urinal trough?

Pleeeease, somebody Price is Right me and say $499, make me feel better about myself.  I'm feeling rather sheepish about my answer right now.


Completely unrelated story, but since we're currently discussing event venue restrooms, and I'm already feeling bad about myself, here we go:  About five years ago, my buddies Jud, Wing, and Disco Dave-- for no reason at all-- decided to start a rumor that I enjoyed, ahem, making love to women in port-a-potties, that it was a big fetish for me.  Unbelievably, this blatant falsehood somehow gained traction, and I found myself scrambling all over town assuring friends and acquaintances that this wasn't true (they really did a lot of legwork in spreading this around.)  There's no real moral to the story or anything, maybe just that Jud and Wing have since moved out of town, and I don't miss them.  Not even a little bit.