Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Three things that I can't stop laughing about lately, but might not make you laugh at all:

1.  ~insert Brad Pitt noise~

Every once in a while, I unintentionally ruin things for Teens that she enjoys.  I made the comment once that Ray Lamontagne sings like a dude trying to get somebody's attention from across a public library, and he has never sounded the same to Teens since.  For years, I've ruined Hootie & the Blowfish songs for her by singing in my exaggerated Hootie voice, and sometimes ruin other songs by using that same voice even when it isn't a Hootie song.  I ruin the show Teen Mom 2 when my boo Chelsea is onscreen, by asking questions like "What do you think her hair smells like?" or "Don't you think this scene would be more dramatic if Chelsea took her shirt off?"  (This is Teens' logic, and maybe other ladies would agree:  I'm allowed to make whatever comments I want about celebrities, because I'll never have a chance with them.  But according to Teens, Chelsea is a "real person", and on top of that she lives in South Dakota.  So theoretically, I could meet her in real life.  Ipso facto, I get in trouble when I wonder aloud what color bra she's wearing.  Seems unfair to me.)

And now, simply by really paying attention to a movie and keeping my ears open during a dramatic part, I've ruined Legends of the Fall as well.  Listen to the crying noise Brad Pitt makes at the 27 second mark, and if it doesn't crack you up...well then, you're more mature than I am.  Once Teens got over her anger at me for completely destroying a sad moment in a movie, she remarked that it might've been the hardest she's ever seen me laugh.  So there's that.


Everyone knows 'She Blinded Me With Science', right?  It's funny when the British (British?) dude yells "SCIENCE!" throughout the song.  It just is.  I was sorta goofy drunk a couple weekends ago, and yelling SCIENCE at passerby from a bar patio.  Then we saw some mom hit her kid in the parking lot, and then it got super weird and awkward for a little while, and then I yelled SCIENCE at her, and then we all laughed again.

3.  Chris Fitzpatrick for Class President

This SNL short from a couple months ago had Teens and I rolling, and we haven't deleted the episode from the DVR yet, simply because we can't go more than a few days without firing it up and watching this sketch again.  I'm not going to talk about all the reasons why it's hilarious-- what's that old saying?  "Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog...nobody is interested, and the frog dies from it."  But this video is awesome, especially if you're anywhere near my age.  It's so perfectly late 90's.  I've seen this video in class before.  You've seen this video in class before.  We've all seen this video in class before.