Monday, April 11, 2011

Crunchy Beef Burrito Is On Firrrrre!

Crunchy beef burrito...c'mere, come pop a squat next to Daddy. Crunchwrap Supreme....move dowwwwwn the bench. All right, it's getting crowded in here. Everyone out, everyone out, c'mon. Not you, crunchy beef burrito. Not you, chili cheese wrap from Sonic. Not you, turkey & taco meat grinder and cheese tostada from Red Pepper. Not you, six pack and a pound from Taco John's. Not you, buffalo chicken strips and waffle fries from Henry T's. Not you, Bootlegger with no tomatoes from Jimmy John's.

~ looks down at Crunchwrap Supreme ~

Ohhhh, this is uncomfortable.

Really, this was just a unnecessary and fairly convoluted way to say that Crunchwrap Supremes are no longer my favorite drunk food. A good percentage of you probably saw what I was doing there, but if you didn't, this clip might help (Dr. Evil at his best.) Clearly the part of Mini-Me was being played by the Crunchwrap Supreme, and Crunchy beef burrito was cast as Scott Evil. I could've just had a post that said "Crunchy beef burritos are delicious. They are my new favorite drunk food. Crunchwrap Supremes, while once carrying my favor, are no longer in the top spot." But what fun would that be?