Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Man Spooning

Check out this recently-conducted study of British heterosexual males.  For those of you too lazy to click the link, basically it says that 98% of heterosexual men polled in their study have slept in the same bed as another straight man, and 93% have spooned and/or cuddled.

So you see, it wasn't weird what Paul and I were doing in college.  We were just forward-thinkers.  Really, you could call it very European of us to sleep in each others' beds.  Chicks dig that kind of progressiveness, bro.

Hat-tip to Mandy for forwarding this article along.  Even if it likely came about as an attempt to internally justify her husband's questionable behavior with his best friend back in the day, still.  Knowledge is power.

Semi-related:  this morning, I got busted by the ladies in the office while I was enthusiastically jamming out to Whitney Houston, so if the Huffington Post could release a study absolving me of that little situation as well, that would be GR-eat.